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Autogram guides clients through strategic planning to prepare for a new design system, content management system, or website redesign. Our expert consultation over several weeks or months helps digital teams avoid making costly mistakes during implementation.

Content management and design systems are necessary for organizations to maintain a complex digital ecosystem which spans platforms, devices, and languages. Improving these digital systems makes it easier for teams to create and update digital assets, enables reuse of those expensive assets, and delivers more flexible infrastructure designed to accommodate changing needs.

When systems operate at scale, making changes to design and content management infrastructure means updating business processes and interfaces for teams that manage digital publishing — not to mention user experiences for customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders who interact with the business online. Too often, companies fail to realize the hoped-for benefits, and so the expensive and time-consuming cycle of redesigning, replatforming, and rebuilding continues.

Autogram can help. Our team knows how complex websites get built and managed at scale. We have tools to help you better understand your content and design assets so you can improve how they’re deployed. Our planning and strategy services give you insight into the many domains you manage, both public and private — and even those of your competitors. We can help your team be more effective to support your future digital growth.

What we offer

If you’re planning a major redesign or replatforming of your digital infrastructure, Autogram can work with you on a short or long term retainer to gather data and make recommendations.

Remote Workshops

Jeff, Ethan, and Karen will meet with your team each week for a month to help you plan for a new design system, content management system, or website redesign. Our focus on shared language will clarify important decisions, and align team members around shared goals. In each session, we share our perspective, ask team members to work on problems, and facilitate discussion with the group.

Diagnostic Reporting

Autogram will generate inventories and reports that will provide new insights into your public websites, internal sites, and even competitor sites. Over the course of several weeks, we’ll work with you to identify good questions to ask the data, then deliver our reporting with the answers. You’ll gain new perspective on what’s happening with your website that can inform future decision-making.

Strategic Planning

Autogram will help you make sense of your platform’s architecture, assets, and processes, then make recommendations for how to move forward with a redesign or replatforming. Our consulting engagements usually take three or four months and include setup of Spidergram to deliver custom reporting. Access to Spidergram data over time is available for ongoing client relationships.

Unparalleled enterprise experience

Ethan, Jeff, and Karen each have spent 20+ years working on large-scale web projects. Our combined forces in Autogram offer our clients decades of perspective gained from working on hundreds of different redesign and replatforming initiatives.

Just a few of our past clients:

  • IBM
  • NBC Universal
  • Viacom
  • Hearst
  • General Electric
  • Marriott
  • Vox Media
  • Verizon

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