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Autogram integrates structured content, design patterns, and decoupled & headless architecture. Our clients adopt these systems to increase the longevity of costly content assets, the consistency of the user experience across all devices and platforms, and the flexibility of infrastructure to meet new needs.

Deploying these new systems can be successful when led by small, highly integrated teams. But when structured content, design patterns, and decoupled architecture need to work together at scale, many businesses fail to realize the hoped-for results. The expensive and time-consuming cycle of redesigning, replatforming, and rebuilding continues.

How we work

Autogram has tackled this Venn diagram of challenges across multiple business domains and levels of organizational maturity. Working with our enterprise clients, we shape the internal processes and skills needed to make these systems work. We also partner with digital publishing product vendors and agencies to refine tools and develop consensus around the most effective approaches.


Our remote workshops build internal skills, clarify important technical decisions, and align organizations preparing for new initiatives. They’re designed to help diverse teams and stakeholders build a shared language for better collaboration.

Health Checks

We’ll evaluate your content architecture, design systems, and workflows, giving your team the benefit of other organizations’ hard-won lessons. Our health checks call out best practices to continue, warning signs to watch, and immediate risks to your organization’s goals and KPIs that should be addressed.

In-Depth Audits

If you’re a new leader taking stock or an old hand preparing for an overhaul, our expertise can be your secret weapon. We’ll help you make sense of your platform’s architecture, assets, and processes—and translate your goals into a roadmap with clear priorities.

Research, analysis, and strategy

For longer-term initiatives, Autogram can help your teams develop a plan not just to launch, but to grow. We can provide an outside perspective on scoping and phasing the work, advise on team assembly and coordination, and help you develop KPIs that map to what really matters.

  • IBM
  • NBC Universal
  • Viacom
  • Hearst
  • General Electric
  • Marriott
  • Vox Media
  • Verizon

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